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to change the classic Tshirt !!! and propose a top couture where the printing is done before making for a top / Tshirt full covering

sublimation printing in the textile material, for a permanent hold and colors sublimated definitively (no fading in washing - machine at 30 ° or pressing).
Each top is made to order in an artisanal way locally by unit so that these tops remain unique and in an ultra-limited edition !!

flowing materials, comfort, unalterable for washing, adapting to all body types, with perfect hold whatever you do! to wear over pants, under a jacket or bare arms for the summer!

2 versions with or without handle

If your size / model is not in stock, manufacture to order (for responsible fashion)

Average time to manufacture on order +/- 15 working days

The tops / Tshirts are worn wide, "oversize"

They are short, with or without sleeves, plain black or white back.
You choose!


tailles tshirts/top manches
tailles débardeur/top sans manche

©2016 by Juste une impression 


design & web design

  Véronique FOURNIER

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Juste une impression

it is fashion design for unique products based on different printing techniques in the materials.

Very small series, handmade in a traditional way for unique products created and produced with care and commitment

by Véronique FOURNIER - designer.

All 100% made in Hauts-de-France!



Juste une impression

is fashion design for unique products based on different printing technicals into the materials.

From very small series, handmade by hand for unique products created and manufactured with care and commitment. 

by Véronique FOURNIER - designer.

All 100% handmade in Hauts-de-France !

For ethical, responsible and sustainable fashion !

and concrete support for our jobs!

#madelocal! #buylocal!

Custom-made in very small series!